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I came to psychotherapy from a simple, yet challenging place, volunteering on a Crisis Line at my university as an undergrad many years ago. It was my first real exposure to people talking about their deepest feelings and fears. At the time I had limited training and life experience, so I cannot say if I was truly of any help back then. I do know that I was quite intrigued about this inner world of being human and how we then show up in the world.  

Years later, with a lot of training and often humbling life experience, I am still hooked on sharing this human reality. I now understand that much of what we do in life is an attempt to answer questions like these:




  • How do I live in right relationship to myself and others?
  • How do I  integrate mind, heart and gut?
  • How do I learn to act rather than react?
  • Can I accept the loss that accompanies any true choice?
  • What are the challenges and joys of living in a body?
  • What do I do when I am in pain?
  • Where do I find meaning?
  • How do my fears invite me to become courageous?
  • Do my habits and patterns truly serve me?

Often, the answers don't come easily and that's when we need support. In my work with clients I am practical and grounded in my approach. I am quite curious about one’s daily habits but also one’s nightly dreams; one’s inner chatter and one’s body wisdom; one’s ego and one’s soul. My goal is to help you activate your curiosity and compassion; find your strengths; and feel embodied and empowered to be true to your deepest, best Self.
If you are looking to answer some of the same questions, find answers to others, or need support through a challenging situation, I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

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